Strike a Pose: 6 Tips to Taking a Perfect Family Photo

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The Holidays may be a little more than six months away, but summer is a great time to take a photo for your Holiday Greeting Card.  Here are a few tips from Graphic Designer, Brenda Shih, on how to take a photo that will become the centerpiece of your family card.

Byrne-front Byrne-back
1. Make your family the focus.  The temptation is to focus on the background, such as the landmark you are visiting, but the people receiving your card want to see your family, not the waterfall, monument, or scenic vista. That doesn’t mean you can’t include it in your image, but make sure your family’s smiling faces are the feature!

2. Leave space for text. Most Holiday Greetings have a couple words of text over the picture, so leave some room somewhere in the image for your greeting. Blue skies and green grass make great text backgrounds.

3. Take several different pictures of the same scene, trying out a variety of perspectives.  Try getting higher, lower, closer or farther away.  Try a vertical shot and a horizontal shot. Many times the best pictures are taken just slightly from the side. Don’t assume you should take the picture straight on.

4. Leave room around the edges so you have space to crop the image if you need to without cutting off someone’s ear!

5. Take your picture with the highest resolution possible. This will give you the most flexibility and allow you to print the highest quality card.

6. Have fun and let your family’s personality show!

By using these six tips, your family photo will be the best you’ve ever taken!