Marrying Photography and Design for Skidmore College

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Skidmore 3
Behind-the-scenes look at the photography and design process for the Skidmore College piece.

When Skidmore College (Saratoga, NY) shared an idea for a way to say thank you to a special group of scholarship donors, we were excited to bring their ideas to life. Skidmore wanted to find a way to connect the scholarship donors with scholarship recipients on a personal level. Because this project involved both photography and design, we were able to work together to achieve this goal. Here’s a look at this project from our unique perspectives.

To create that personal connection between donors and recipients, we wanted to make sure the photography wasn’t static. Instead, we used it to develop the character of each individual student. Skidmore College had given us a write up about each student, and our partners at Skidmore asked the students to bring items to the photo shoot that helped showcase their personality and interests. Our goal was to make sure that each student was able to shine through in the image. We had to find a balance between highlighting the story and showcasing the student without being too over the top.

This project, and other proSkidmorejects where Brenda and I are able to work together, are always exciting for us. I enjoy being involved in the entire process. I am able to work with Brenda in advance to see what photography is needed in order to be complimentary to the design she is creating, while also making sure the photography is highlighted in the best way possible. Constant communication to make sure we have a unified vision is always a key to our success when working on a project together.

When we first started this project, Skidmore provided some benchmarks for inspiration, but we knew we wanted to elevate the design in order to highlight their brand in a unique way. We knew we wanted to create a sophisticated look, but also use typography and layout to let each student’s personality shine through. My favorite part of this project was working to marry the typography to the image. We went through multiple drafts in order to perfect this.

When Eric and I are able to work together on a project, we are able to curate the work a little more. It is nice to help create the vision from the start.

We are proud of our finished piece, and look forward to working with Skidmore College on other upcoming projects to highlight their students, campus and mission. Take a closer look at the finished piece on the left.