Get to Know Eric

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Eric Seplowitz

Where do you live?
Near Albany, New York

What do you do for a living?
Photographer at CLP Design Studio

How long have you been a photographer?
I have always liked photography and since my mother used photography as one of her main tools as an artist when I was going up, it was something I was introduced to at a young age. I became a photographer professionally in 2004.

Family Connection
I live with my wife Betsy and our two children.

Five Fun Facts About Eric

  1. A year and a half after beginning my nature photography business, I took a six-week trip across the country. It is hard to say what my favorite place was, but the Grand Tetons were my favorite mountain range, and the geologic formations found at Bryce Canyon were also high on the list. Even though a lot of destination sites were spectacular, such as Yellowstone NP, Zion NP, Arches NP, I also really loved the dirt roads and open spaces, the random fields speckled with round bales of hay, the look of the golden glow of corn tassels in the late afternoon light, and the sound of a small stream flowing over rocks near a campsite. Those moments really made the trip have even more meaning for me.
  1. Because my mother was a photographer, I grew up with a dark room in my house (which I did not take advantage of nearly as much as I should have). She did take my brother and I (who were not always eager for the opportunity) to many, many, many museums and art exhibits which also gave me exposure to a variety of different styles of art
  1. I enjoy shooting both nature and studio work. With nature photography, I have to observe the world around me and isolate a specific piece to use as the focal point of the image. The images are there, but I have to find them. I enjoy macrophotography since it allows me to view a subject from such a different point of view. In the studio, you have to build an image and work with what you bring to the shoot. Every photo shoot brings its own challenges, but that is what makes photography exciting.
  1. I seem to be inspired wherever I go. From frost on a leaf to birds in the trees, there is inspiration all around us. I also find inspiration in other photographer’s work since all of us see things so differently. Some photographers I like are: Carl Heilman II (my mentor), Ansel Adams, James Balog, Jim Brandenburg, Abelardo Morell, and Edward Burtynsky to name a few.
  1. Outside of work, I enjoy canoeing, hiking, camping and spending time with my family. I was actually involved in outdoor education after college, and spending time outside is still one of my passions.