Get to Know Brenda

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At CLP Design Studio, our design, photography and products are personal. So take a moment to get to know us!

Brenda Phelps Shih

Where do you live?
Near Portland, Oregon

What do you do for a living?
Graphic Designer at CLP Design Studio

How long have you been designing?
Professionally, since 2008

Family Connection
I happily live with my husband, Matt.

Five Fun Facts About Brenda

1. My first design project was with Jenny Holzer in her studio, working on organizing, sequencing and crafting images for an exhibition catalog. Working at Jenny’s studio introduced me to a range of design projects, from exhibition posters to books to magazine covers.

2. I have a MS Communication Design from Pratt Institute. The work I did during this program helped me to see the importance of communicating a message to an audience, a concept that goes beyond just designing something beautifully. My thesis looked at how governments may have important information to share, but aren’t able to reach their audience because of poor or nonexistent design.

3. My favorite thing about design is watching an idea or concept come to life. I always try to design in a way that shows that the brand cares. From thank you notes to a donation request letter, the message needs to be communicated in a genuine way.

4. My least favorite thing about design is placing a monetary value on my work. I love what I do, and trying to price the work can be difficult.

5. Outside of work, I love getting to know the Pacific Northwest and spending time outdoors, whether it be enjoying a hike, disc golfing, skiing or gardening. I have recently become a fan of estate sales. My husband and I have furnished almost our entire house this way. Also, I love to watch television series and learning the “behind-the-scenes” of how a series goes from concept to screen. Some favorites include Mad Men, 30-Rock and Arrested Development.