4 Ways to Play This Summer

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Summer is a time to play, but you can easily sneak some learning in amidst the fun.

Our Alphabet Art Cards are quite versatile. They make a great impact in a room as art, but the cards are also an effective educational toy! The only limit to the number of ways to use them is your imagination.  And the best part is that your kids will view these learning activities as play.  Here are four of our favorites games.

  1. Spread the Alphabet Art Cards out so you can see them all.  Have your child find them in alphabetical order and make a long line of them.


2. Put the cards in a pile.  Pick a topic (foods, animals, etc.).  Pick a card out the pile.  Come up with as many items within the topic that start with that letter.


3. Spread out some cards at the end of room or hallway.  Have your child skip, hop, roll (endless options here) to the cards.  When they reach the cards, they pick one up, say the letter and name the image and then skip, hop, or roll back.  This is a great way to combine physical activity with learning.

 4. Play school and let your child teach you!  They will be excited and proud to demonstrate their knowledge.

Do you have a fun, educational game to add to the list? Let us know in the comments!

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