The Art of Delivering Happiness, One Thank You Note at a Time

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DSC_9608-croppedThe other day, we received a hand-written thank you note in the mail. It wasn’t for anything big… just a personal note expressing gratitude. I pulled it out of the stack of mail, opened it first, read it and then read it again.  It felt special.  The thank you note was much more personal than an email or post on social media announcing to the world that someone is thankful. The card was picked out just for us. The message was written just for us. It made us feel happy. It made us feel appreciated.  And it reminded us of the power of a simple, hand-written thank you note.

Though the popularity of social media and email today makes sending a “thank you” simple, the art of writing a physical thank you note shouldn’t be lost. Here are four tips to writing a thank you note like a pro.

  1. Pick up a Pen

Sending a text or email will do the trick when it comes to expressing gratitude, but nothing shows it better than sitting down with pen and paper. Handwritten notes capture a personal element that typed words can’t.

  1. Don’t be Generic

Address the person by name in your card and be specific as to why you are thanking them. Did they give you a gift? Tell them how you plan to use it! Did they do something special for you? Share what that it meant to you and how it helped you in your day.

  1. Snap a Picture… and Print It!

Include a picture of the gift being used, if you are able. This is particularly impactful if a gift is given to a child. You can show how the gift is being used and enjoyed in your home or workplace. Wouldn’t you love to get a printed picture of your niece or nephew playing with the toy you bought just for them?

  1. Just Do It!

There are suggested time lines on sending thank you notes, but don’t get so caught up with timelines that you end up not sending anything at all. The gesture of your card will most certainly be welcomed at any time.

Never underestimate the power of the hand written thank you note.  It can go a long way in showing your appreciation!

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