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Art to Inspire Kids and Start Them on Their Journey to Reading

After an unfulfilling search for décor for the rooms of his children, photographer Eric Seplowitz decided to take matters into his own hands.  He and CLP Design Studio business partner and graphic designer, Brenda Shih, recently introduced a set of Alphabet Art Cards featuring amazing photography and pre-reading foundations.


“We believe we offer something new to décor for children’s spaces,” remarks Eric.  “When we looked at décor for our kids’ rooms, many options were gender specific and geared toward the very young.  We found many beautiful illustrations, but few options that would grow with our children.”  The Alphabet Art Cards are an ideal addition to any space in which kids spend time:  bedrooms, playrooms, classrooms, and libraries. The cards are relevant to a wide age range of children.


The Alphabet Art Cards are one of the first products available in their new line of art just for kids.  Designed using Eric’s captivating photographs, the cards inspire children to explore the world around them and are a great tool for pre-readers.  The letter formations align with how children are first taught to write letters and the photographs represent the most basic letter sounds.  Brenda and Eric collaborated with educators to ensure that their art is more than visually stimulating – that it also delivers an effective educational concept.


“The alphabet card set, serves as an excellent teaching tool as I introduce letter identification, letter formation and letter-sound knowledge to my Kindergarten students,” says Kindergarten Teacher, Meredith Kenny. “The colorful and exciting photographs certainly engage students and stimulate academic conversations. The photos easily allow students to create realistic connections to their lives and personal experiences.”

While the collection of Alphabet Cards provides a great foundation for pre-reading, the impact of the art is not to be overlooked.  The cards are colorful and feature images to which kids can easily relate.  They can be displayed in a wide variety ways and make a great impact on any room.


The Alphabet Art Cards are just the beginning of the Kids’ Art Series by CLP Design Studio.  You can expect to find an ever-growing collection of prints and canvas art wraps featuring contemporary perspectives on traditional toys like marbles, Slinkies and wooden blocks.

Alphabet Art Cards