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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and what does that mean? If you forgot, it means you may need to make some arrangements for a gift. (We can help you with that.) What it really means is the idea of love is pervasive right now. Everywhere you turn, you are greeted by pink hearts and red roses. Love and symbols of love can’t be avoided.


While we love our spouses, we can’t help but think about why we love what we get to do each day. We love the people with whom we get to work, that’s a given. Here are some other reasons we love our careers:


What Eric loves…
With the design aspect of our business, I love working with our clients to help elevate their brand, message, or image. It is always great to help our clients solve design challenges and assist them in achieving success with their projects.


With the photography aspect of the business, I love the ability to be creative and visually represent themes, visions or beauty through the use of the camera!


What Brenda loves…
I love how we communicate a message to an audience. We take a client’s message and boil it down to the essential information that resonates with a recipient and makes a connection or impacts them in some way.