CLP Design is pleased to announce a new product – Alphabet Art Photo Cards!

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When our kids were little, we started looking at décor for their rooms. It seemed that many things were gender specific and geared toward the very young. A lot of the art pieces were beautiful illustrations, but couldn’t grow with our children. We also noticed very little photography in this market space.

The CLP Design Solution
Because of our struggle to find décor for our children, we decided to create some of our own, starting with our Alphabet Art Photo Cards. Much thought went into making the cards not only a captivating art, but also a pre-reading tool. The images featured represent the most basic letter sounds, and the font is in line with the letter formation easiest for pre-readers. We are excited, too, because it is affordable art that will make a big impact in a bedroom, playroom, doctor’s office, classroom or other child-friendly space, without costing an excessive amount.

Creating the cards was a process, starting with research. We had to research ideas for taking images that would work well for each letter of the alphabet, and then design the layout for the cards. We then sought feedback from parents, educators, kids, grandparents and artists to make sure we were on the right track. Thanks to helpful pre-k and kindergarten teachers, we received a lesson in short vowel sounds and letter representation, requiring some tweaks to the cards. The letter shapes were revised to match how children are first taught to write letters. The current collection is both visually appealing and educationally effective.

Don’t Take Our Word for It
Here’s what a kindergarten teacher had to say:
“The beautiful alphabet card set, designed by CLP Design Studio, will serve as an excellent teaching tool to address state standards, as I introduce letter identification, letter formation and letter-sound knowledge to my Kindergarten students. The colorful and exciting photographs will certainly engage students and stimulate academic conversations. The photos will easily allow students to create realistic connections to their lives and personal experiences. Additionally, these fabulous alphabet cards will inspire creativity and encourage development of students’ curiosity about our wonderful world! By incorporating daily use and display of these unique alphabet cards, I can generate endless opportunities for educational discussions and make non-fiction correlations to current classroom texts. I am excited to implement these wonderful alphabet cards into my teaching, so I can enhance students’ skill sets in a variety of ways!”

And More on the Horizon…
This is just the launching step for what we plan to be an entire series of art geared toward children. Stay tuned for more work from our studio, and click the link below to see the cards in our online store.

Alphabet Art Photo Cards $28 per box
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