Celebrating 200 Years Through Photography & Design: Dorset Union Store

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Dorset Union Store celebrating 200 years of service!When the Dorset Union Store began planning their bicentennial anniversary they knew they needed a plan that would communicate their rich history within the tight community of Dorset, VT.  The Dorset Union Store is a general store serving fresh baked goods and other made-to-order items such as their award-winning macaroni and cheese.  Two hundred years since its opening, the Dorset Union Store continues to greet people with a warm welcome and the smell of fresh baked pastries.  Brenda & Eric were tasked with capturing the long-standing tradition of the Dorset Union Store’s warm presence through photography and design.


My goal was to really capture the warmth of the Dorset Union Store and the “home-cooking” style of their offerings.  When you walk into the Dorset Union Store it feels a bit like you are coming home…that is the feeling I tried to recreate in the camera. 

I used a combination of close-up images and images that capture the presentation and variety of options available.  What really made the images come to life though was taking pictures of the food being made in the kitchen.



In support of the Dorset Union Store’s anniversary, I redesigned their logo. Special logos are beneficial, because they communicate and emphasize an organization’s milestones and achievements.  An anniversary logo celebrates everyone who has supported the establishment and educates new customers of their rich history.

While celebrating a milestone is important, it is also vital to maintain an establishment’s history through their logo. We were able to achieve that with the Dorset Union Store project through a logo update. Rather than creating a completely new logo, the task is to add to a design. It’s important to seamlessly add to an existing logo, creating a cohesive and unified look as if it had always looked that way.


The Dorset Union Store is happily celebrating their 200th birthday, with photography and design support from the CLP team. Here’s to 200 more!